What we know and what we don't know about Plastic Polution in the Ocean

This is report has been written and published by The Camp "Plastic Ocean Plaftorm" (P.O.P.) "Wave" Team

What is the camp?

Open since October 2017 in Aix-en-Provence, France, thecamp is a base camp for exploring the future. It's a new focal point and meeting point that welcomes all kinds of explorer communities. A space where ex- peditions are planned to sound out and invent the future in a collaborative way.

Dedicated to emerging technologies (virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology) and social innovation (collective intelligence, sustainable economic models, shared governance), thecamp is a place for inspiration, exchanges, creation and expe- rimentation on a large scale.

The future that thecamp wants to explore brings with it radical changes. It’s a future in which we no longer think in a linear but a systemic way. In which we reinvent new ways of getting around, of using the planet's resources, of communicating, of growing, new ways of evolving and thinking about the world. It's a future in which people live together according to new paradigms, applying sustainable economic models, using collective intelligence to interconnect knowledge and disciplines, adopting disruptive and agile forms of governance.

What is waves ?


To address the challenges of our times and find concrete solutions that serve the general interest, thecamp launched the “Waves” program which ini- tiated this Ocean project.

“Waves” brings together major groups, NGOs, politi- cians, artists, militants, public citizens, children...
We want to re-invent imageries, perceptions and pave the way for new paradigms shaping the wor- ld of tomorrow. That’s why Waves brings together forces working towards a same objective, building them into a strong, organized collective movement.

Each year, a few projects in line with development objectives from the UN, the OECD and the World Eco- nomic Forum are selected. Waves then operates in two phases of 6 months each: one for reflection and networking on and off campus; one for action and concrete applications on the field.

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